INDOOR Jump RESULT PBs for: Carson Hay

Event Name PB Date City
Long Jump3.15 m2022-03-05Edmonton
Standing Long Jump1.60 m2020-02-15Edmonton

OUTDOOR Jump RESULT PBs for: Carson Hay

Event Name PB Date City
Long Jump2.76 m2019-05-11Calgary
Standing Long Jump1.62 m2018-06-23Calgary

ALL Jump RESULTS for: Carson Hay

Date Event Name Meet Age Group Indoor (y/n) Ranking Measurement
2022-03-05Long Jump2022 Provincial Indoor Track & Field ChampionshipsY16 out of 213.15 m
2020-02-15Standing Long JumpProvincial Championships U10, U12, U14, and MastersY11 out of 201.60 m
2020-02-15Long JumpProvincial Championships U10, U12, U14, and MastersY13 out of 212.84 m
2019-06-22Long JumpProvincial Qualifier 2019N24 out of 242.67 m
2019-05-11Standing Long JumpCalgary Spring Challenge 2019N11 out of 141.57 m
2019-05-11Long JumpCalgary Spring Challenge 2019N18 out of 222.76 m
2019-03-09Standing Long JumpProvincial Indoor Championships and Canadian Masters Championships 2019Y23 out of 261.50 m
2018-06-23Standing Long JumpCheetah Invitational 2018(Alberta Provincial Championships)N5 out of 171.62 m
2018-06-23Long JumpCheetah Invitational 2018(Alberta Provincial Championships)N12 out of 192.46 m
2018-05-12Standing Long JumpCalgary Spring Challenge - 2018N4 out of 91.55 m
2018-05-12Long JumpCalgary Spring Challenge - 2018N9 out of 132.46 m
2018-02-17Standing Long JumpAlberta Indoor Games 2018Y4 out of 121.51 m
2017-06-24Long JumpCheetah Invitational - 2017N13 out of 132.30 m
2017-06-09Long JumpLeduc Track Meet - 2017N24 out of 362.43 m
2017-05-13Long JumpCalgary Spring Challenge 2017N21 out of 282.26 m
2017-05-13Standing Long JumpCalgary Spring Challenge - 2017N14 out of 201.36 m
2017-02-18Long JumpAlberta Indoor Games/ Provincial Championships Tykes/PeeWee/BantamY16 out of 212.24 m